Self-Control Bubbles

I like to do this lesson as a follow up for Fizzy Mess.

A great book to start out with is My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook.

The book uses the term “erupting” to describe that out of control feeling you get when you call out or interrupt someone.  Although this book is mostly about talking out of turn and interrupting, it’s an easy segue into the greater idea of self-control.

I found this lesson on YouTube from the Teacher Tipster and it’s great!
Teacher Tipster Lesson @

It all starts with bubbles:

(image via)

Except these are special, magical, self-control bubbles!  For the first round, blow bubbles and allow students to pop, touch, chase, and catch the bubbles at their heart’s desire.  However, for the second round, tell the students that they are going to practice using self-control.  Bubbles will be all around them, but the students must use their self-control strategies and not touch or chase the bubbles.


  • Was it hard to not touch the bubbles when they were all over you?
  • What thoughts were you thinking that helped you to stay calm, your voice quiet, and your hands away from the bubbles?
  • What will you do if you feel yourself getting out of control?

Sesame Street – Me Want It (But Me Wait)

Self Control (Character Education Song)

What does it look like when we use self-control?

  • Raising your hand to speak, instead of calling out.
  • Keeping your hands to yourself.
  • Walking quietly in the hallway.
  • Waiting your turn.
  • Playing by the rules in class and during recess.
  • Keeping your space, desk, and materials clean.
  • Telling the truth.
  • Trying your best.


Students will create volcanoes to write at least one strategy they can use when they feel themselves getting ready to erupt or explode in class.

Volcano Activity Sheet


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